Uganda: 13 Days & Counting

I leave for Uganda in 13 days; it’s hard to believe that all of the thinking, researching, planning and preparing is almost over. Now I am going to be DOING what I have thought about, researched and planned for so many months. I look forward to all that this trip will be, but I know that the highlight will be seeing Samantha in action in Uganda. She shares some of what she is doing and seeing on a daily basis, from giving injections to HIV and malaria testing to playing with the adorable kids. There is an orphanage nearby that her program leader is the administrator for, so I will be able to visit there when I get to Uganda.

I posted a request on Facebook, asking for donations of baby and toddler clothes, and was both surprised and overwhelmed at the outpouring of responses. People want to help and just seem to need the opportunity to do so. I can’t wait to see what turns up at my doorstep!



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