Victorinox Airox Advanced Medium Case – Storm


Travel flexibility has never looked so good or felt so effortless. Meet our Airox Advanced Medium Case, a piece of luggage so versatile, you’ll wonder how you coped without it. Inside is a study in intelligent organization and meticulous Swiss engineering. An expansion system delivers up to 4 cm extra packing volume. Outside the aesthetic is sleek, low-key elegance. Built lightweight, it’s a dream to maneuver.

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  • Elastic X-shaped compression straps keep items secure

  • Expansion System offers up to 4cm  or 1/5″ of additional packing space
  • Suitable for long business stays or vacations

    Height: 27.2 in

    Length: 11.4 in

    Width: 18.1 in

    Weight: 9.3 lb

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