The Rolling Stones 1972 50th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Book


A deluxe edition of the seminal book that unites two legends of rock ‘n’ roll: Jim Marshall and the Rolling Stones. Now with new essays and never-before-seen proof sheets!

The year 1972 brought together two legends of rock ‘n’ roll at the peaks of their careers: Jim Marshall and the Rolling Stones. Selected by LIFE magazine to photograph the Stones’ EXILE ON MAIN ST. tour, Marshall had a week of unlimited access. The results are his now-iconic images of the band, onstage in their full glory and backstage in moments of unguarded camaraderie. Marshall’s ability to capture the essential spirit of an artist and the transformative power of music is matched only by the Stones’ larger-than-life energy. Fifty years after these photographs were taken, they retain the power to thrill and inspire.

This definitive edition presents the images as they were meant to be seen: at a larger size and in the rich, high-contrast tones Marshall favored. The original content is enhanced with never-before-seen proof sheets and two new essays by photographer and film director Anton Corbijn and Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe. This is the ultimate, immersive experience of one of the greatest moments in music history.

TWO MAJOR NAMES: This book showcases the confluence of two massive creative talents: the band that defined rock ‘n’ roll, and the photographer who best captured its spirit. Jim Marshall is renowned in the music photography world. His images will immerse you completely in the scene of 1972.

MUST-HAVE FOR FANS: If you love music or photography, or you wish you could go back to the raw energy of the 1970s, this is the book for you.

DELUXE COLLECTOR’S ITEM: Previously published in 2012, Marshall’s Rolling Stones photographs now get the ultimate deluxe treatment. You can enjoy these beloved images at a larger size, printed high quality and high-contrast, and in a gorgeous hardcover that’s perfect to gift or display.

TWO ANNIVERSARIES: Summer 2022 is not only the 50th anniversary of the tour when these photos were taken, but also the 60th anniversary of the Stones’ debut performance. Commemorate those historic moments with this stunning book.

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