Lewis N. Clark Travel Sentry TSA-Approved Luggage Lock – Blue


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  • LARGE DIALS: Easy to see and moves smoothly making this ideal for older people, those with impaired vision or arthritis. Plus, you’re not fumbling with them every time you need access to your luggage
  • TSA APPROVED: Using a TSA lock allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by special authorities without damage, yet still prevents thieves from getting into your suitcase
  • EASY TO SET: Resettable 3-dial combination lock, requires no key, even for quick combo resets. Change your combination within 5 seconds anytime, anywhere, no more lost keys!
  • DURABLE: Built from the ground up with special alloy body and hardened steel shackle, it’s meant to last. Designed to give you peace of mind your property is safe
  • VERSATILE: Small but rugged, can be used to secure luggage, suitcase, gym, school locker, toolbox, camera bag, laptop bag, backpack, and more.
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