HI Love Medium Pouch – Wildflowers


Do you express love by speaking a kind word or doing a thoughtful deed?  Does it light up your day receiving a beautiful boutique of flowers or having spent an afternoon with a close friend?

Love is proclaimed in a variety of ways as are the ways we perceive it. Identifying our mate’s language and speaking it to them so that it resonates most can allow interpersonal relationships to grow.  It is with these lessons learned that allowed our own love story to bloom and the Hi Love mission of sharing love to begin!
What is your love language?
Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Quality Time
Physical Touch
Receiving Gifts
We encourage you to learn more so that your own love story of sharing more love can begin!?


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Medium Pack HI LOVE Insider: Fold it in half and use as a chic fold-over clutch for day or night!

  • Functional, lightweight, and versatile fashion
  • Featuring an interior zipper pocket for added organization
  • Protect your items from unwanted moisture and spills with our water-resistant packs, made from a unique material that is super soft to the touch
  • It’s the everyday go-to bag for on the go travelers, fitness enthusiasts, and fashion lovers alike
  • Popular uses: toiletries + wet bathing suits + sweaty gym clothes + packaged snacks + office supplies + electronic chargers + children’s small toys + diapers + wipes and more
  • Measurements: 11” x 9”
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