Hi Love Crossbody Purse in Earth Gray with Silver & Gold Stripes


Hi Love reimagined your needs and designed this minimalist Crossbody Purse with contrasting vertical stripes in silver and gold.

HI LOVE Insider: A lightweight crossbody purse that is comfortable for everyday use to hold all the daily essentials on-the-go. Remove the strap and this purse doubles as a fold-over clutch!

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  • Functional, lightweight, and versatile fashion
  • Featuring an interior zipper pocket for added organization 
  • Protect your items from unwanted moisture and spills with our water-resistant packs, made from a unique material that is super soft to the touch
  • An everyday go-to bag for busy moms on the go, travelers, fitness enthusiasts, and fashionistas alike
  • Popular uses: everyday purse + foldover clutch  
  • Measurements: 11” x 9” + 52” strap
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