Wood Expressions Rope Ring Toss Yard Game – Throwing Carnival Quoits Set – Solid Wood


The traditional outdoor game of ring toss, or garden quoits, is played by throwing a ring a set distance to land over or near a pin, similar to the game of horseshoes. Quoits has a colorful history reaching back to the people of ancient Greece, played in the pubs of medieval England, and has endured through the centuries to this modern day. The game is enjoyed at backyard barbecues, beaches, pubs, and wherever two or more are gathered. It is also a game played at carnivals, church festivals, birthday parties and during school recess. Because this set does not require using stakes to secure the target in the ground, it can be used just about anywhere, outdoors and indoors. So, it’s not only a sunny day activity, but can be brought indoors on a rainy day. Makes a great housewarming and Father’s Day gift. Also a wonderful gift for families, the wedding couple or anyone that enjoys outdoor sporting events and quality time with friends.

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  • This beautiful back-yard or indoor game is crafted from solid Malaysian Oak which is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and beautiful hard wood. A green zipper tote comes with this set making it ideal for taking on a camping trip, to a gathering with friends or family, block parties, or tail-gating at your favorite sporting event.
  • Players take turns tossing the rope rings over the scoring pegs. Each player adds up their points for each turn. First player to score 230 points wins. The rules are simple, and the game brings hours of fun to its players.
  • Two solid wood long-boards to form the cross – measures 16.5 x 2 x .75 inches, 5 wooden rods, 10 tossing rope rings – 2 of each color, carrying case with handle, instructions. Comes in a stylish package that measures 17.5 x 5 x 5 inches.
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