Professor Puzzle Trash Talk Game


Leave your moral compass at the door and find out what your friends think of you with this outrageous game that’ll get you naming and shaming! Vote on which player is the most likely to commit these cringeworthy acts! Which of you is squeaky clean and who needs to rethink their life choices?!

In Trash Talk you will name and shame your nearest and dearest because this time, it’s cool to be cruel. Players take turns reading out a card with a “Most likely to” or “Least likely to” scenario, then vote on which player they think best fits that description. With scenarios like “Most likely to get a drunken tattoo”, “Most likely to drop their phone in the toilet”, “Most likely to accidentally join a cult”, “Most likely to accidentally burn down their house”, “The first do die in a zombie apocalypse”, and “Most likely to have a highly dubious internet search history”, the laughs will be plentiful. Discover who will prove to be the trashiest of you all!

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  • Contents include: 150 Scenario Cards, 30 Trash Tokens, 36 Nomination Tokens, 30 Redemption Cards, 6 Nickname Cards, 1 Drawstring Bag, Instructions
  • For 3-6 players
  • Recommended for ages 16 and up
  • Wipe clean with dry or damp cloth
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