Professor Puzzle – Burger Balance


Can you keep a steady hand in this mouth-watering game of balance?

Players take turns to roll the dice and see what burger ingredients they can balance on top of the ketchup bottle. Beware though, as the pile gets bigger … and bigger … and bigger, one wrong move can turn your bacon double cheeseburger with extra pickles into a plain old burger bun!

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  • Burger Balance, the fun food-themed stacking game by Professor Puzzle.
  • How high can you build the burger? Take turns to stack the pieces in this flame-grilled game of balance and skill.
  • Set contains Wooden ketchup bottle, 2 wooden burger buns, 36 wooden burger fillings, die and instructions.
  • Players roll the die to see what. burger ingredients they need to balance next, it could be anything from cheese to bacon!
  • Part of Professor Puzzles Puzzleman collection fun toys & games for the family.”
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