NeetPac Airplane Travel Hygiene Kit (Tray Table & Headrest Covers)


NeetPac is a user friendly, moderately priced, hygienic sanitizing travel pac. Because of it’s compact size, this travel pac will easily fit in any bag or tote. The NeetPac is not just for travel! Bring along to the movies and the theater too!

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Product Features:


Tray Table Cover:

  • Provides a hygienic surface for one of the dirtiest spots on the plane – your tray table:

    • Protects you from food bacteria

    • Provides a barrier from unseen dirt and grime

Surgical Face Mask:  

  • Provides facial coverage and helps protect against: 
    • Airborne germs, colds, flu and viruses 
    • Reduces air pollution and allergies

Head Rest Cover:

  • Safeguards against:
    • Lice, parasites and other  hair contaminations

    • Shields hair and face from soiled surface area

Sanitizing Wipes:

  • Multi-purpose wipes help to clean, disinfect & deodorize:

    • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs

    • Destroys viruses as well as dirt on hands and surfaces

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