Lewis N. Clark Travel Belt – Yellow


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Now you don’t have to attach a tiny piece of colored string to your bag to be able to find it in the crowd. These neon luggage belts will make your belongings stand out from all the other suitcases with their bright pink, green, and yellow colors.

These belts are also great for securing your belongings. You definitely don’t want the front compartments of your suitcase to burst open and empty the contents onto the ground while you’re at the airport counter, going up to your hotel room, or anywhere in-between, and these help keep everything secure.

Not only do they work on suitcases, but they work on backpacks, duffels, totes, and more. They can even hold together overstuffed luggage or strollers so you can bring them on as a carry-on instead of having to check them.

With this affordable but durable solution, you can make it easier to find your belongings with a quick glance and make sure your suitcase doesn’t accidentally open as well.


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