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IMAGINE WORK SURFACE(TM) is an Extra Large 24″ x 36″ Non-Slip, No-Glare Desk Pad that acts as a desk protector and a protective, smooth writing surface.

As businesses move towards open work spaces, Imagine lets you differentiate and decorate your work area. It’s easy on the eyes with its no-glare matte finish, excellent for your mouse. The mouse only sees the surface and not the image underneath, eliminating the cursor jumping you’d experience with other pads.

The patented non-slip base prevents your pad from sliding around on your desk and negates the need for a traditional thick desk pad. Imagine will blend in with the surface of your desk because of its thin profile – a piece of paper will glide right over it. This is one of the reasons why Imagine’s price is as much as 50% less than other extra large desk pads which are made in China – Imagine Work Surface is Made in the USA.

Imagine has a wipe clean surface that can be cleaned using any desk or window cleaner. It has antibacterial properties built right in to inhibit the growth of any bacteria. There are no additives needed, like Microban, to protect from antimicrobial activity. It is also an excellent gaming pad that ensures fast and accurate movement of your mouse/cursor and will help improve your scores.

Parents will appreciate the handy storage tube as they can lay the mat out to protect a table top from the often messy aftermath of their children’s activities, then store the pad for next time.

With its extra large size, you can put your laptop right on the pad and still have room for the other items you keep on your desk. Imagine also works with wet erase pens, such as Expo® Vis-a-Vis®, which makes your new desk pad a Desk Top White BoardTM. Simply wipe off any notes made with your wet erase pen or marker with a moist towelette, wet wipe or wet tissue.

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  • No-Glare Matt Finish
  • Excellent Mousing and Writing Surface
  • Wipe Clean Surface
  • 100% Recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • Anti-Bacterial Construction
  • Handy Storage Tube Included
  • Dimensions 24″ x 36″
  • Non Slip Desk Pad
  • Huge Extra Large Ultra Thin Desk Pad with Patented Non-Slip Base which Blends in with the Surface of your Desk
  • Desk Top White Board compatible with EXPO Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers for quickly writing down ideas, notes, phone numbers, email addresses or shopping list which can be easily be wiped off.
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