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Adapters & Converters

Adapters & Converters

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Travel adapters and converters are a necessity for anyone traveling outside of the United States that plans on bringing electronic devices with them. An adapter will suffice if the devices can operate on either 110V or 220V, but if the equipment is strictly for 110V current a converter will be needed if the destination country uses 220V. Additionally, when looking at converters, one must be aware of the power draw from the device they will be using as converters come with different power limits – a device requiring 100W of power would not function properly if the converter is limited to a 50W output.

Travel Adapters and Voltage Converters

Choosing the correct adapter or converter is of the utmost importance to a traveler. Our selection has general areas of where the adapters are used, such as South Pacific, Europe-Asia, Great Britain and more. That is generally sufficient but we still advise to confirm the outlet type in the particular country you will be visiting. Both converters and adapters come packaged separately or in sets, depending on the need, and due to their small form factor they won’t take too much room in your luggage.