Airline Baggage Regulations & Carry-on Information
Traveling can be exciting and also fraught with anxiety over the constantly changing airline baggage regulations and carry-on requirements. Each airline has a different set of fees for checked baggage and different weight requirements for carry on bags, in addition to other assorted fees that are not included in the cost of your ticket.

Generally, you are allowed 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item, such as a purse, laptop or briefcase, but you should check with your airline to be sure. In all cases, your carry-ons will have to meet size requirements so that they fit in the overhead bins and under the seat in front of you. In most cases your checked luggage cannot exceed 62 linear inches or weigh more than 50 lbs. Again, check with your airline for their exact requirements.

For your convenience, we have included links to most of the major domestic and international airlines baggage policy pages.

It is advisable to have a luggage tag securely attached to each piece of luggage that you are traveling with that includes your name, address and contact phone number. You may also want to put this information inside your luggage as a precaution. If your luggage is lost, and your luggage tag is separated from your bag, you have established a way for the airlines to contact you.

The Department of Transportation and the Transportation Security Administration have provided a list of items which are restricted from either checked baggage or carry ons. The TSA Liquid Carry on Rules are important to be aware of. Restrictions and allowances can change without notice so please verify any information at